Experience Beautiful Vellano

Nestled into the hillside of a region of Northern Tuscany is the medieval village of Vellano where our two terrace houses – Casa Nara and Casa Piccolina – are situated.

Vellano is a hilltop village set in the densely forested mountain region of Northern Tuscany above the city of Pescia in the province of Pistoia. The region was named la Svizzera Pesciatina by the 18th century historian and economist, Sismondi, because the picturesque and panoramic hills and villages reminded him of his homeland, Switzerland.

Vellano is situated approximately 600 metres above sea level. Vellano, the largest of the 10 castella, is sometimes referred to as the capital of the la Svizzera Pesciatina and is situated approximately 600 metres above sea level in the Val di Nievole. By car, it is approximately 50 minutes east of Pisa; 30 minutes east of Lucca; and 50 minutes north-west of Florence. The castle, of which only a small ruin remains, is at least 1000 years old and is claimed to have been the inspiration for Dante’s Inferno.

Casa Nara and Casa Piccolina are two lovingly-restored stone terrace cottages situated in Vellano. Casa Nara’s balcony and windows provide a panoramic view towards the Ligurian Coast over chestnut woods, locust trees and pines in the valley of the Pescia River. Casa Piccolina looks out across Vellano to the surrounding hills.

The outstanding natural beauty of this pocket of Tuscany is complemented by enchanting architecture featuring wood and stone milled and quarried in the surrounding hills. Regional produce is rich and varied and the cuisine features locally grown chestnuts, game, mushrooms, olive oil, vegetables and wine.

Prepare to be delighted and amazed by the simple and vibrant life-style in this tranquil corner of Tuscany.